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December 9, 2010 by Jay

Affordable elegance in breezy beach bridesmaid dresses

by fashion expert

The long, dreary, cold winter is truly behinds us. Warm sun, fresh air, burst of colours is just in the backyard. It is time to plan for all the outdoor activities you have ever wanted like- birthday parties, graduation parties, homecoming, and even weddings! Spring is the time for garden weddings while summer is even better. Beach weddings are today very popular and can be memorable when planned and executed properly. What can be more romantic than the soft sound of rolling waves as you take your vows, with warm sand and crisp air and nature in all its purity around you?

While a beach wedding can be truly unique, some amount of planning is essential to avoid disasters. Next to the bride’s dress, one of the biggest issues for the event will be suitable beach bridesmaid dresses. That is because it would be difficult to walk in full formal dress on a sandy beach. This is why beach weddings generally are slightly less glamorous than normal weddings at the church. This is not to say that ladies can’t dress the part. Just keeping a few points in mind will help them enjoy the beach and be glamorous at the same time.

Since a beach is not exactly like solid flooring, it is a good idea to avoid floor length gowns. If not, bridesmaids might end up dragging their dress in sand and water, resulting in dirty edges. Beach bridesmaid dresses should be at matching hem length with the bride’s wedding dress. The dresses can be either with sleeves or strapless but once again they should match with the bride’s dress. However, if the dress is strapless, keeping a matching wrap over the dress is always useful as the day could be windy or cloudy. Finally, check the footwear. It is hard enough to walk on the sandy beach, – high heeled shoes can make it disastrous. Opt for strappy sandals with very short heels that match the dress. Very stylish flip flops with embellishments are an option too although for more casual weddings.

You can never go wrong with the blue ruffle summer dress from the eDressMe private collection. This brilliant blue dress is not only fabulous to wear at a beach wedding but it is also flattering to most figures. The style features spaghetti straps with a band just below the bust line. The knee length asymmetrical hem flows away from the body draping you gracefully. The skirt features an additional ruffle detail for even more captivating visual treat. Match this dress with matching short heels and chunky jewellery and see the magic unfold. Blue is a great choice for a beach wedding for the obvious reason that this colour complements the sea and sky above making you feel like a beach princess!

White colour can be used as a theme for beach wedding and bridesmaids can wear white too, if the bride wishes. It is possible to decorate dresses in a theme that works well with the beach background. Pearls or shells can be used as accents in the hair, jewellery, shoes or dress. Also, flowers can be in muted shades of the beach or in bright rich shades of the ocean. Try a few long stemmed white roses or lilies tied with a blue stain ribbon. Flowers are the perfect complement to a beach wedding. The overall look is important. So, be careful about the footwear. Opt for simple low heeled white or silver or ivory shades of strappy sandals or even go barefoot. The seamed tank white dress from Luna Luz is a fabulous choice for a beach wedding. The dress features wide tank straps and a V-neck. The bodice is fitted to the waist from where it flows to just below knee length. The skirt has intricate zig zag seaming.

The romance of a beach wedding is apparent at any time ‘ sun rise or sun set. If you are looking at a time when the sun is low in the evening sky, with the waves dancing and the birds hovering in the sky celebrating your wedding, then choose colours that are in harmony with the surroundings. The cotton chambray wild rose dress will transform your bridesmaids from ordinary to hot! This strapless women’s beach dress comes with a fun flower and cascading ruffle detail. Absolutely flattering on anyone, this strapless silhouette falls just above the knee with a slight flare. Be sure to carry a matching wrap in case the weather gets chilly. This utterly feminine dress in wild rose shades is perfect for an evening wedding at the beach.

A beach wedding can make bridal wear shopping fun, creative and unique minus the walking around for endless hours around the mall. Internet shopping is the way to go for today’s beach events. Shop for less and be rewarded with attractive bargains on the net, in your search for the ultimate bridal wear shopping!

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  1. Emily says:

    Where can I find Casual bridesmaid dresses for my beach wedding?
    I am getting Married next July on the beach. I think the men are all going to wear khakis with white long sleeve button down shirts ( our wedding is @ 7 in the evening) Noone is wearing shoes. I need stores to look at for casual BM dresses. I am looking for short knee length many diff colors in mind. PLEASE help!!!

  2. Beeza says:

    Does anyone know of any long flowy bridesmaid dresses for a destination beach wedding?

  3. Kristen S says:

    I’m getting married in Mexico in 8 months. Need help finding online sites for bridesmaid dresses for the beach?
    Can’t seem to find any decent ones yet. I want simple and not too expensive since I want to pay for all 5! We don’t need shoes so if you can direct me the right way I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance.

    • MRS*K*2B! says:, they are super cheap and fabulous quality, i bet you can get all 5 bridesmaid dresses for under £600! (thats about $8-900 if youre american!) they are custom made to fit each person too so you can guarantee a good fit!

      good luck and have a wonderful wedding, im honeymooning in mexico and cant wait!

  4. super star ** says:

    Beach style bridesmaid dresses? HELP!?
    We are planning a beach wedding. I want my bridal party to be dressed fun & comfy. The guys are wearing clothes from Tommy Bahama/wedding.
    What can I have the girls wear (2 bridesmaids)
    I was thinking something like the link below but I’m not sure I can find what I like. I want something more green not like the color shown. HELP!
    I’m thinking khaiki Lee dunggery shorts for the guys & Tommy Bahma shirt. That is a solid color & the girls in the same solid color or the same color in that print. With different companies its so hard to find something that matches. I also want them to be able to wear it again.
    My girls are way to easy going if I had them wear puke green/yellow they would be happy because its what I wanted.

    • Eight Nights A Week says:

      I think you could have them wear pretty much anything but I would go for a lightweight, more comfortable fabric. A lot of bridesmaids dresses are that heavy, shiny material and that just doesn’t suit a beach wedding IMO.
      Alfred Angelo has some great prints in their Purely bridesmaids line (all natural fabrics) and David’s Bridal has a pretty greenish blue called mermaid and a great new cotton sateen fabric that is so comfortable and flattering and a couple shorter styles. My bridesmaids picked the strapless one. They love it because they could easily wear it again.
      The link you gave is cute but if the guys wear prints, it may be a little loud if they are wearing a different print.
      Another option is to find a seamstress (try craigslist or stop in at your local fabric store and ask for recommendations) and pick the fabric and pattern yourself.
      ETA: Thanks for the extra info.
      It is really difficult to match colors with different companies. I have the same problem so our “colors” are shades of blue. Instead of trying to be matchy-matchy and failing, it will seem intentional when things don’t quite match up if some things are light blue, some cobalt and a lot of Tiffany blue (that’s what we’re doing).
      Go for shades or ask for a swatch from one company or dress your girls in a complementary color to what the guys are wearing.

  5. Bride to be says:

    Beach bridesmaid dresses?
    I’m looking for a bridesmaid dress in aqua thats real flowy like the ocean to look like waves.. any help.. pics would be great! thanks!
    I probably should have mentioned floor length, i found this one dress it had like fabric coming from the upper back and it had a long train.. it was sooooo pretty but i can’t find it the main picture showed it in orange if that helps.

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